A special project for the Blu-ray BOX release of the TV Anime "ODDTAXI", which reached its final episode with a shocking turn of events that changed the landscape forever, is now underway!
The name of this project is 「Project "ODDTAXI"」!

Initially, there was no plan to release a Blu-ray BOX because of the recent recession in packaging, but after receiving many requests from anime fans, we decided to start a project to release the Blu-ray.

If a certain number of applications (300 sets) are received, the Blu-ray BOX will be released, and with each additional application, the specifications will become more luxurious. The larger the circle of support from those who wish to participate, the more the project will accelerate!

You can proceed to the product
page from the link below.

We look forward to your participation in 「Project "ODDTAXI"」
for the release of the special Blu-ray BOX of "ODDTAXI"!

※Product release and specifications are subject to change, postponement, or cancellation due to various circumstances.